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  • Rotary Hammers
  • Demolition Hammers

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Exitflex Construction Tools, SDS drill bits, TCT blades and Cut –off wheels of Exit S A of Switzerland are manufactured with latest technology to withstand stringent working conditions. Exit SA with it’s head office in Gland Switzerland has Exitflex operational branches in Germany, UK, France, Greece, Poland, Sweden, US& Australia.

XP-R40B / 40mm Combi Rotary Hammer - SDS Max
XP-45HD-1 / 5kg Demolition Hammer - 17mm Hex Shank
XP-G55A / 11kg Demolition Hammer - SDS Max
XP-65RA / 15kg Demolition Hammer - 30mm Hex Shank
XP-G65BH / 20kg Demolition Hammer - 28mm Hex Shank
XP-G90 / 30kg Demolition Hammer - 28mm Hex Shank

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