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Garfil Rope Articles

Product Id: Garfil Rope Articles

Garfil Cargo Nets

These are square woven nets with hands at the corners for material handling applications. A speciality of garfil cargo nets is that these are hand made by traditionally skilled & experienced craftsmen. With the right combination of body & border ropes & mesh size, nets with various safe working loads can be designed. Our cargo nets meet the requirement of is-11521 standard.

Product Features

  • Essentially woven nets
  • Minimum distortion as one strand of a rope cord goes over only one strand of transverse rope cord.
  • Higher abrasion resistance.
  • The nets are stronger, safer & more durable.

Garfil Gangway Gets

These are used for safety of personal while crossing gangways. These nets are generally fabricated in tucked type & can be fabricated as per customer's requirement.

Product Features

  • Border rope: 10mm
  • Body rope: 8mm
  • Mesh size (inch): 6 x 6
  • Various sizes (m): 4x16, 5x15, 5x10, 8x10

Garfil Safety Nets

These are used for safety of personnel while working on construction sites. These nets also provide safety from falling objects during use at industrial sites.

Product Features

  • Body rope: 6mm / 8mm
  • Border rope: 14mm
  • Mesh size (inch): 4 x 4

Garfil helipad nets

  • Esentially used to spread out over helipads on drilling rigs, oil well platforms etc.
  • Prevent the helicopters from rolling & pitching off the helipads.

Garfil Slings

These are manufactured from pp-parapro ropes & find applications in several areas such as sports, construction site, electricity boards, material handling eg steel tube industries, sugar mills etc. These are fabricated as per is – 9944 standard. These are available in two sizes

  • Double eye
  • Endless
These slings can be fabricated from 3mm strand rope in sizes from 12mm to 48mm. Slings can also be fabricated as per customers requirement.

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