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arrow Warranty

We guarantee all of our products against defective workmanship and faulty materials for 6 months from the date of purchase.

We undertake, in accordance with our own option, to replace or repair free of charge each product or part thereof on condition that the machine or parts in question is:

Returned to us or to one our Authorised Service Stations freight pre-paid.

Found on examination, to be suffering from material or construction defect and has not been tampered with.

The guarantee will be void if the tool has been damaged, modified or made unusable as a result of misuse, accident, normal wear and tear or not operated in accordance with the instructions which are provided with the tool or available on request with the manufacturer.

We cannot be held responsible for any repair other than those carried out by us or one of our Authorised Service Stations.

Parts not covered under warranty due to normal wear & tear.

  • Carbon brushes
  • O rings
  • Broken power supply cords
  • Worn out commutators on armatures
  • Switches found defective due to excessive power supply
  • V belts, belts and other rubber parts
  • Ball bearings
If a component of the tool becomes defective during normal operation and, working conditions which also subsequently, causes damage to related parts, then all such parts will be replaced under warranty. Other parts replaced due to normal wear and tear in order to make the tools fully functional will be charged to the customer.

Conditions for warranty claims for Flex, Ken & Exit-Flex Power tools

  • Warranty claims will be entertained only with accompaniment of the Warranty Card or Proof of Purchase and within the warranty period
  • Warranty claims will be rejected if on inspection found that the tool has been used with improper accessories, excess voltage, used for an application not meant for it and overloaded beyond it’s capacity
  • The defective tool should be sent to an Authorized Service Centre on freight paid basis